I heard a few people talking about how it became a pain sending an email to every Scout in the Troop for every event or notice. Skyler mentioned making a blog to ease this process, but I guess just never got around to making it.
With this blog, you can make a post with detailed information and even photos, and then anyone who has entered their email into the box at the right will receive an instant update on the Troop's plans. This saves you the trouble to typing in the emails of every person when there is an upcoming event.
Another bonus is the fact that rather than an email, which can be easily deleted for misplaced, blog posts stay here and be easily found on command by either the Blog Archive or the Categories menu (both at right). Categories will include category tags to create (such as "Eagle COH," "Camping Trips," etc.) which will give the reader access to any posts with with those labels.
So far you, Skyler, and I can all contribute to the blog, but you can edit any settings under "Customize"
Under the same link, you can also add emails to the Receive section, so that those emails will receive an email when you make a new post.


Skyler Lewis said...

I was working on it and was going to do it this weekend!!!

Oliver said...

I didn't know that, and figured you had a lot of homework and weren't going to anymore.

Anyway, let's not start an argument

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